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Chris Christie Hasn’t Ruled Out 2016 Run

Though he’s repeatedly said he has no interest in a 2012 presidential run, Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie hasn’t ruled out 2016, The Hill reports. “Well, who knows? That’s, what, five years from now?” Christie said in a Thursday interview with Fox … Continued

2012 Electoral Map Projection – February 2011 Update

CivicForumPAC offers an early analysis of the Electoral College landscape for 2012. Breaking down the numbers state by state, the successes of newly inaugurated Republican governors in several states will be key to the fortunes of the eventual GOP presidential nominee.

John Thune Faces Tough Choice On 2012

South Dakota Sen. John Thune just landed two plum posts in the Senate — seats on the influential Finance and Budget committees — that crystallize the decision he now faces: Stay in the Senate to climb the leadership ladder, or jump … Continued

Cornerstone of Obama Presidency is Collapsing

How did Obama ever think that his program would pass constitutional muster? How could he imagine that the Interstate Commerce clause could cover something that wasn’t interstate (health insurance cannot be sold over state lines) and wasn’t commerce (failure to … Continued

Sarah Palin Declines CPAC Keynote Speaker Invitation

After several days of negotiations with CPAC organizers, Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin turned down an invitation to give the keynote speech for this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. American Conservative Union Chairman David Keene said Palin “expressed interest in wanting to come … Continued

From CPAC With Love Party Mentioned At The Hill

CivicForumPac’s “From CPAC With Love Party” was mentioned in an The Hill article highlighting this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference.  Don’t forget to buy your ticket. After all the excitement at the conference Friday night, a few die-hards might want … Continued

GOP Offers $32B Budget Cut

House Republican leaders on Thursday said they would seek $32 billion in spending cuts from the resolution funding the government. Republicans framed their proposal as cutting $74 billion from President Obama’s 2011 budget request. Since Obama’s budget was never approved … Continued

Romney Gives $130K To Republicans To Get Ready For 2012

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R) has ponied up to Republican members of Congress in a big way, dishing out nearly $130,000 in his first contributions of the 2012 cycle. The contributions, made through his Free and Strong America PAC, come … Continued

Senate Poised To Vote On Health Care Repeal

On a day rich in political theater, Senate Republicans pushed for repeal of the year-old health care law on Wednesday, certain of defeat yet eager to force rank-and-file Democrats to take a stand on an issue steeped in controversy. The showdown approached as … Continued

Is Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl Set To Retire?

A new poll suggests that Sen. Jon Kyl is well-positioned to seek a fourth U.S. Senate term next year if he chooses to run again. The big question in political circles is whether he will. Kyl, 68, is expected to … Continued