Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mitch Daniels: Obamacare Is A ‘Massive Mistake’

Unless you’re in favor of a fully nationalized health-care system, the president’s health-care reform law is a massive mistake. It will amplify all the big drivers of overconsumption and excessive pricing: “Why not, it’s free?” reimbursement; “The more I do, … Continued

Hill Poll: Voters Oppose Raising Debt Ceiling

Only 27 percent of likely voters favor raising the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling, while 62 percent oppose it, according to an exclusive poll for The Hill. The poll found solid opposition from Republicans and also from independent voters, who … Continued

Haley Barbour’s Southern Handicap Maybe Overstated

As Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour steps up his efforts to explore a possible presidential run, he faces one question that none of the other prospective candidates will have to address: can a back-slapping, Ole Miss Rebels fan with a molasses-rich … Continued

Rhodes Cook: Economy Is Key To Obama Re-election

Political prognosticator Rhodes Cook has a very detailed post examining whether President Obama is a one or two term president.  Cook concludes that the state of the economy is vital to Obama’s success in 2012: Yet all these political “what … Continued

West Virginia Sets Special Election Dates

The West Virginia Legislature has finally settled on primary and general election dates for the special gubernatorial election this year: both the state House and Senate passed compromise legislation that set the primary date at May 14 and the general … Continued

O’Connell Weighs In On Newest Job Figures At Politico Arena

Ford O’Connell’s response to today’s Politico “The Arena” question, “Thumbs up or thumbs down on jobs?”: Reporting that the unemployment rate is down when the largest factor in that change is people giving up seeking work is Orwellian “doublethink.” The … Continued