Monthly Archives: February 2011

RGA Names Governor Chris Christie Vice Chairman Of Policy

The Republican Governors Association will name Chris Christie to be its new policy vice chairman today, giving the RGA another popular, media-friendly spokesman to help lead opposition to the Obama administration and promote conservative governance in the states. Christie’s role … Continued

Can The GOP Win Colorado In 2012?

At a time Republicans should be gathering an army to beat President Barack Obama in 21 months, they are at odds about what it takes to actually win a battleground state like Colorado, which leans no way and is unpredictable … Continued

How The Federal Government Is Spending Your Money

American politics is one long argument about what government should or shouldn’t be doing, and how it should or shouldn’t be doing it. It’s rare that we step back, take in the larger picture and ask what it is doing. … Continued

PPP: Obama Well Ahead In 2012 Battleground States

In 2008 Barack Obama won nine states and one electoral vote giving Congressional district that had gone to George W. Bush in 2004. We’ve now polled every single one of those over the last three months except for Indiana, where … Continued