Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fight Over Campaign Financing Rages In Congress

So much for working together. House members are now in a bitter dispute on the House floor over whether the U.S. should continue a program allowing taxpayers to voluntarily fund presidential campaigns. Republicans are hoping to end the program and … Continued

Bachmann Heading Back To Iowa

Coming off delivering her response to the State of the Union Tuesday night, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann (R) is planning to head to Iowa in March. Bachmann will attend an event hosted by the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators on … Continued

Redistricting ‘Newbies’ May Complicate Process

An inexperienced crop of public officials are managing the intricate congressional redistricting process, which could open the door to more court challenges. The Census Bureau has already released the reapportionment numbers for House seats and states are beginning the process of … Continued

Will A GOP Star Be Born Tonight?

Fiscal conservatives already know that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is a star, but tonight’s State of the Union rebuttal could thrust him into the national spotlight: When Rep. Paul Ryan delivers the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s State of … Continued

Sharron Angle Heading To Iowa

We all hope that this trip is just for the movie screening and Angle isn’t seriously considering a 2012 presidential run: Yes, you read that headline correctly. Nevada Republican Sharron Angle, who lost her 2010 Senate bid to Senate Majority Leader Harry … Continued

Sabato Handicaps The 2012 GOP Presidential Candidates

Famed political observer and University of Virginia professor Larry Sabato takes a stab at handicapping the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates: At the starting gate, all we can do is offer a preliminary assessment of their chances for the Republican nomination by … Continued