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Ensign In Bad Shape, Heller Much Better

John Ensign trails every Democrat on the farm in hypothetical reelection contests next year but Republicans have a very good chance at keeping his seat if Dean Heller ends up as the party nominee instead. Ensign’s approval rating is only … Continued

Ryan-Rubio 2012?

This sounds a lot better than the names currently being thrown around: Having just returned from the e21 and Manhattan Institute-sponsored Conversation with Paul Ryan (very ably conducted by Paul Gigot)–and having seen Marco Rubio speak recently as well, I’ll just say … Continued

House Plans Test Vote Friday On Health Care Repeal

The House opens a largely symbolic debate Friday on whether to repeal President Barack Obama’s landmark health care overhaul, the culmination of the first week with Republicans back in charge. A procedural vote around midday will set the rules for … Continued

An Unorthodox Path To RNC Victory

Do you think Anuzis’s strategy of tying Priebus to Steele will work? I don’t: Wisconsin Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus is the clear front-runner in the race to replace Michael Steele, but that doesn’t mean Priebus will waltz to victory. Instead, history … Continued

O’Connell In Today’s Politico Arena — ‘Obama’s Daley Show’

Here is CivicForumPac Chairman Ford O’Connell’s response to “Obama’s Daley Show” in the Politico Arena: If President Obama wants to win reelection in 2012, he knows economic growth must improve. The appointment of William Daley as chief of staff signals Obama’s understanding that … Continued

The Real Insanity Is The Amount of Spending

Right on the money: The U.S. government soon will hit its self-imposed debt ceiling, which is already at a robust $14.3 trillion. A growing number of people in Congress believe raising the amount that government can borrow will do nothing … Continued

Democratic Party ID Drops in 2010, Tying 22-Year Low

In 2010, 31% of Americans identified as Democrats, down five percentage points from just two years ago and tied for the lowest annual average Gallup has measured in the last 22 years. While Democrats still outnumber Republicans by two points, … Continued

The Profile Of The Tea Party In Va

The Institute for Policy and Opinion Research at Roanoke College recently asked 601 Virginia residents for their thoughts on the Tea Party.  Here are the results: One-third (33%) agreed with the movement, another third (32%) were opposed, and the final third (35%) did not … Continued