Time Has Just Joined The Obama Propaganda Machine

TIME Magazine’s new February 2011 issue has a cover that features Ronald Reagan with his arm around a jovial Barack Obama. You can see the image below. This is propaganda. Plain and simple.

Anyone who knows anything about Ronald Reagan knows that he would not only disapprove of everything Obama stands for, he would be the first one to call out Obama as the leftist, liberal, big government Democrat he is.

Ronald Reagan warned America about ObamaCare 50 years ago. Do you think he would want to be photoshopped onto a magazine cover yukking it up with his political nemesis?

It’s no secret that since the November 2010 “shellacking” the Obama loving media has been desperately trying to re-brand Captain Priorities as a practical centrist but this is ridiculous. Consider two key coincidences…

1. Reagan’s 100th birthday celebration is happening in… February 2011.

2. Obama’s new press secretary used to work for…. TIME Magazine.

Feast your eyes on the lowest depths of hypocrisy in liberal media.  Warning: Image may induce vomiting…

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