The 10 Most Competitive Governors’ Races In 2011 And 2012

Compared with last year, when more than three dozen governorships were up for election, there isn’t a tremendous amount of action in governors’ races in 2011 and 2012.

Only half as many seats will be on the ballot — four this year and 11 next year. And of the 15 governors’ offices that are up for election, at least half are in states where one party will begin with a distinct advantage.

Still, with at least three open seats and a presidential race altering the political landscape, the election lineup is nevertheless marked by opportunities for both parties.

With the first gubernatorial primary election less than three months away, here’s POLITICO’s list of the 10 most competitive governors’ races in 2011 and 2012.

1. West Virginia (2011)

2. North Carolina (2012)

3. Missouri (2012)

4. Kentucky (2011)

5. Washington (2012)

6. Montana (2012)

7. Indiana (2012)

8. New Hampshire (2012)

9. North Dakota (2012)

10. Mississippi (2011)

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