Suddenly, Democrats Look To Be In Disarray

Beaten by Bernie Sanders in Oregon on Tuesday and barely edging a win in Kentucky, a state where she bludgeoned Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton gives the perception that she’s losing her way to winning the Democratic presidential nomination.

To worsen matters for her candidacy, the Democrats — not the Donald Trump-led Republicans — suddenly look like the party that’s falling apart after the indubitably liberal California Sen. Barbara Boxer, one of Clinton’s top surrogates, said she felt physically threatened by Sanders supporters at a party conclave in Las Vegas last weekend. 

“When asked randomly on the street or in focus groups who they are voting for, people respond, ‘I like Trump,’ or ‘I hate Trump,’” said GOP political analyst Ford O’Connell. “I don’t hear anyone saying, ‘I’m pulling the lever for Hillary because she just gets it going for me.’”

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