Obama’s Israel Border Comments Could Help GOP 2012 Presidential Candidate In Florida

Could Obama’s Israel Border comments help the eventual 2012 Republican presidential nominee win Florida? Only time will tell.

GOP activists are confident that they’ll gain additional votes and donations from the Jewish community following President Barack Obama’s call for Israel to retreat to territory along its pre-1967 border, with “mutually agreed swaps” in any final peace settlement with Palestinian Arabs.

“Most Jews are Democrats because they vote on the basis of domestic policies,” said Ari Fleischer, a former press secretary for George W. Bush. But, he added, “those who are more inclined to vote on international affairs are more likely to be independent and they tend to vote Republican,” he said. They’re also the people who are more likely to be alarmed by Obama’s new stance, he said. “That’s where the damage was done,” he said.

The GOP’s share of the Jewish community’s vote in presidential elections rose steadily from the 1990s until 2008, when Obama pushed the GOP’s share back down to 21 percent. The GOP pulled only 9 percent of the community’s vote in 1992, 16 percent in 1996, and 25 percent in 2004.

These shares of the national vote are important in swing-state Florida, which has an unusually large Jewish community, Fleischer said. In 2012, “if Republicans get only 20 percent [of the vote], it is harder to win Florida, but if Republicans get 25 percent of the Jewish vote, it is likely they’ll win Florida,” he said.

In 2000, Republicans got 19 percent of the vote cast by Florida’s Jewish community in the agonizingly close contest between George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore, he said. That year, the result “was on the razor’s edge, but when Bush got 25 percent [in 2004], Florida was firmly in his camp,” he explained.

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