Mitt Romney To Unveil Jobs Plan Sept. 6 In Nevada

To win the GOP presidential nomination, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney needs to do well in Nevada. Unveiling a jobs plan in a state that hosts an early nominating, like the Silver State, where unemployment is at or near the highest in the nation is a smart move for Team Romney – so long as the plan is credible. The Las Vegas Sun’s Karoun Demirjian has more:

As the country chips away, bit by bit, at the national unemployment rate, the measure of Nevada’s jobless is rising: back up to 12.9 percent last month, and an eye-popping 14 percent in Las Vegas.

Where better then, for the Republican presidential front-runner to unveil his jobs plan, two months before President Barack Obama plans to roll out his.

Mitt Romney announced on Fox News this afternoon that he’d be coming to the Silver State — the state whose GOP caucuses loved him most in 2008 — to unveil his jobs plan on Sept. 6, the day after Labor Day.

Romney wasn’t specific about what he’d be unveiling. But he did say “it will be very different from (Obama’s).”

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