Herman Cain’s Organizational Challenges: A Real Problem

Despite a series of messaging gaffes, Georgia businessman Herman Cain remains on top in the Iowa polls. But 10 weeks out from the Iowa nominating contest, Mr. Cain still does not have a defined campaign infrastructure to speak of. If Mr. Cain wants to seriously compete for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination this well need to drastically change. Politico’s Reid J. Epstein has more:

Despite his position atop the national polls and unexpected new millions in the bank, Cain still has a long way to go to turn his campaign into a professional operation capable of translating his surge into votes.

Even his newly-hired Iowa chairman, Steve Grubbs, admits as much.

At the moment, Cain’s Iowa operation consists of four paid staffers. His Iowa traveling party Saturday consisted of an advance man who joined the campaign two weeks ago, a body man, his press aide J.D. Gordon and a new security detail.

With such a barebones operation, organization details have a habit of falling through the cracks: At the football game, Brian Harrison, a Waterloo truck dealer, approached Cain and told him he’d made offers to the campaign to host a fundraiser, but had received no reply.

Cain, however, doesn’t concede that his campaign is lacking for anything.


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