GOPers Wait To See If Palin, Perry Will Shake-Up 2012 Race

The Republican field for the White House is starting to solidify, but there are still two conservative rock stars with the ability to shake up the race if they get in.

The teasers? Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

On her bus tour, Palin repeatedly told reporters that she honestly hasn’t decided whether she wants in.

Ford O’Connell, the chairman of CivicForumPAC, said he doesn’t think Fox News would have continued to let Palin be a contributor if she really was planning on getting in the race. And he said the entrance of Michelle Bachmann in the race — and how well she’s been received so far by Republicans — also could deter Palin.

“She’s made a good first impression,” he said of Bachmann. “I think that first impression would hurt Sarah Palin a little bit.”

As for Perry, O’Connell acknowledged concerns that Perry whose Texas swagger closely resembles that of former President George W. Bush, but said: “America may not be ready for another cowboy president, but Rick Perry could certainly change that.”

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