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After Poor Debates, Perry May Skip Some In Future

Rick Perry may skip some upcoming GOP presidential debates, sidestepping a campaign staple that hasn’t been kind to the Texas governor in his first two months on the national stage. It’s a decision that ultimately could cause other Republicans to … Continued

Perry Flat Tax Plan Wins Conservative Fans

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was widely praised by conservatives on Tuesday as he issued his flat tax plan, which he hopes will revive his struggling campaign for the White House. The plan, which reduces corporate and income taxes to 20 … Continued

Perry Banking On Flat Tax Plan To Boost Campaign

As many fiscal conservatives turn cartwheels over the flat tax proposal Gov. Rick Perry is set to unveil here in the Palmetto State today, the Texas presidential contender is relishing finally being in the headlines for something other than his debate gaffes … Continued

Republican Debate Gives Feisty Perry Chance To Recover

Rick Perry put the political obituaries on hold on Tuesday, firing a volley of attacks at Republican presidential rival Mitt Romney in his strongest and most energetic debate performance. With his poll numbers sliding after a string of poor debates, … Continued

Pens, Podiums And Parity At Candidates’ Debate

Participants in Tuesday’s Republican presidential debate will take part in a classic American political ritual, where the questions are closely vetted for fairness and even the pens and bottled water are regulated. Good debate performances can boost or break a … Continued

U.S. Candidate Romney Among Fundraising Leaders

Mitt Romney’s campaign raised more than $14 million in the third quarter, signaling that the Republican U.S. presidential hopeful’s fundraising remains robust despite shifts in opinion polls. Romney’s ability to raise cash was second among Republicans only to that of … Continued

Does Rick Perry Have A Prayer?

Re-Posted from The Daily Caller For part of August and just about all of September, Texas Governor Rick Perry enjoyed frontrunner status in the race for the GOP presidential nomination. But after a series of dreadful debate performances and some … Continued

Is Mitt Romney’s Mormon Faith An Issue?

According to Gallup, 22 percent of Americans are hesitant to support a Mormon for president in 2012. That said, Romney’s faith is certainly an issue for some social conservatives, as it is for some independents and Democrats. But this is not Romney’s … Continued