Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dems Launch Majority PAC In Effort To Hold Senate In 2012

Top Democratic operatives are quietly building an aggressive campaign machine to battle huge Republican third-party spending and sway critical Senate races in 2012. The strategists, including pros like longtime advisers to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, are putting the finishing touches … Continued

The Power Of The Tea Party Should Not Be Ignored

As 2010 progressed the domination of the Tea Party became even more evident. In September more polling emerged: Once considered a fringe element that spoke only to the most disaffected, a new poll reflects broad support among Republicans for the Tea … Continued

Can The GOP Win The Federal Budget Battle?

Republicans won a blockbuster victory in November’s election after a campaign focused on cutting government spending and reducing debt. Then they got the bad news: Americans are leery of cutting specific programs. These include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, national defense, … Continued

Murdock To Challenge Lugar In Indiana GOP Senate Primary

Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock will challenge longtime U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar in next year’s Republican primary. Mourdock announced his Senate bid during a Tuesday news conference in downtown Indianapolis with about 200 supporters. Murdock told the gathering he appreciates Lugar’s … Continued

Gallup: Electoral Map Tougher For Obama In 2012

Gallup’s analysis of party affiliation in the U.S. states shows a marked decline in the number of solidly Democratic states from 2008 (30) to 2010 (14). The number of politically competitive states increased over the same period, from 10 to … Continued

GOP Taps Jane Corwin For NY-26 Special Election

Republican committee leaders on Monday unanimously chose an independently wealthy former businesswoman as their candidate to run in a special election to replace former Rep. Chris Lee. Jane L. Corwin, who has been a member of the New York Assembly … Continued

Where The GOP Needs To Win Latino Votes In 2012

Latino support was critical for Obama in four 2008 swing states he won that will now have a combined 46 electors: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico. As Latino Decisions’ Matt Barreto points out, if Obama holds all four states in … Continued