Monthly Archives: January 2011

O’Connell On Florida Obamacare Ruling At Politico Arena

Ford O’Connell’s response to today’s Politico “The Arena” question, “Health care reform gasping for air?”: From the outset, the individual mandate requirement of Obamacare has been the major sticking point for conservatives. Until the president and Congress remove this component, … Continued

Angle’s Next Job: Makeup Salesman?

Wow… Sharron Angle (R) came up short in her race against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D), but she hasn’t totally faded into the background. Speculation about Angle’s next move has mostly focused on another Senate run in 2012 or even … Continued

DCCC Picks 19 Early GOP House Targets

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has pegged its first GOP targets of the 2012 cycle, launching radio and Web ads in the districts of 19 House Republicans this week. Democrats need to pick up 25 House seats to win … Continued

Gallup: GOP Needs To Listen To The Tea Party

About 7 in 10 national adults, including 88% of Republicans, say it is important that Republican leaders in Congress take the Tea Party movement’s positions and objectives into account as they address the nation’s problems. Among Republicans, 53% rate this … Continued

Huntsman In 2012?

Jon Huntsman, the U.S. ambassador to China, has told the Obama administration he plans to resign, an administration official said, a sign the former Utah governor may bid for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. Obama has been informed that Huntsman intends … Continued

Republicans Promise Scott Brown Challenge

A Republican organization that backed Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) with independent expenditures and fundraising assistance says it will work to defeat Brown in a Republican primary next year in order to protect the party’s brand. Scott Wheeler, who heads the National … Continued

RNC Assembles Finance Team To Erase Debt

With its debts mounting, the Republican National Committee this week assembled a team of big-name veterans to bail out the onetime fundraising giant in time for the 2012 presidential election. But first, they have to figure out just how deep the debt … Continued

Tea Party Versus Tea Party In Utah

The Tea Party infighting in Utah is a warning sign to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R) that no single endorsement is enough to inoculate him from criticisms that he’s not conservative enough for Republican voters. The Tea Party Express’ consultant Sal Russo praised … Continued